Special News Announcement

Special News Announcement

Hello, Marylhurst families…

We have news to share.

A note from the wonderful Ann Brown…

Dear Marylhurst Community,

I am both excited and sad to let you know that this school year will be my last as the parenting leader of the Two’s classes.

I began teaching the Two’s classes at Marylhurst about four thousand years ago. Hahaha, not quite, but close. I joined our teaching community in September 1995, two days after my family and I moved to Oregon from Los Angeles. On my first day, I went to the “wrong” Marylhurst (the University) and announced my arrival.

They had no idea who I was or what I was talking about.

Eventually, I found my way to The Barclay School and to the Marylhurst Early Childhood Center, our first building and name. And I have had more than twenty very, very happy years at our school since that day.
Although I will no longer be teaching the Two’s classes, I am going to be at the school as much as ever because (and here comes the exciting part for me) starting next September, I will be offering parenting classes for parents of the preschool, grade school and middle school.  Registration and information will come out in the Spring.

I am so proud to be a Marylhurst teacher. It is a treasured part of my identity and personal history. My colleagues on the faculty – my sisterteachers (and Mark Mask, our brotherteacher) –  and the entire staff, have my highest praise and my deepest respect and affection. I love that so many of our grade and middle-schoolers were once in my Two’s class, and that their families are such an integral part of our community.

I look forward with anticipation to begin a new chapter with all of you.

Ann Brown

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