Sparrows M–F 8:30–2:30

Sparrow Schedule

*Our existing stand alone kindergarten will shift to a K/1st grade blend in fall of 2017 when our final class configurations are realized.

The foundation of our first primary grades curriculum is to pose questions, frame hypotheses, and to devise systems to answer what it is the child wishes to know.  This overarching philosophy permeates the classroom in both social venues and academic wonderings.  The children of Marylhurst School are encouraged to learn in ways that support and respond to their individual level of growth in conjunction with the needs of the class as a whole.

In kindergarten and first grade, learning is at its best when instruction is both structured and exploratory: structured through a clear and predictable schedule; exploratory through carefully constructed areas of interest.

Students extend themselves and look at the world from different points of view as they move away from visioning themselves as the center of their own universe to becoming citizens who speak as a voice within a community. We believe that a child’s inherent academic, artistic, social and physical curiosity is best supported by his/her ability and confidence in communication.  We support their journey by helping each child find their individual, collaborative and collective voice.