Grasshoppers, Ladybugs W or Th 9:30–11:00

Our Two’s program is designed for children and their parents, and is co-led by a parenting teacher and a preschool teacher who create separate programs within the classroom.  We see the Two’s year as a bridge between home and school.  Our transitions have soft edges; we welcome rhythms that will later become schedules.  We patiently respect the gradual widening of the circle between parent and child towards peer relationships and connections with other adults.

picture of two year olds in a classroom setting

The curriculum for the children recognizes the inherent artist, scientist, writer, athlete and thinker in each child.  We build our curriculum on the blocks of conflict resolution skills, knowing that healthy relationships, communication and coping skills make a strong foundation for academic and artistic learning.

picture of a two year old engaging in crafts at the Marylhurst School

While children explore the new environment with their teacher, parents gather each morning in the classroom for an hour-long discussion on the emergent topics of family life with the parenting instructor.  We offer support, commiseration and suggestions in our endeavor to help each parent discover their own family messages and parenting philosophy.

picture of a two year old playing with a train track