Raccoons, Turtles T–Th 9:00–12:00

A morning in the Three’s classes invites a child to paint, create art, try science experiments, listen to stories, engage in dramatic play and enjoy our outdoor environment while working in our community garden, climbing, running, swinging and exploring.

picture of a child's castle play structure

We strive to strengthen the child’s sense of self so that she/he will learn to work cooperatively as well as independently in the world.  Our focus is held on the rich and varied curriculum that will engage a child’s attention and ease initial separation between parent and child, as well as on our overaching commitment to the social-emotional growth of each child.

picture of a child washing paint off their hands

We recognize that the first social skills are nurtured through independent play, one-on-one experiences with a teacher or a peer, small group projects and participation with the entire class.  The children in the Three’s classes build the foundational blocks of their community by planning activities together, voicing their opinions, listening, compromising and coming to consensus.

picture of a three year old